Asep Syaeful Iman 

Hati tetiba tergerak to write about him. Been knowing him since 2013 from afar, he always try to be there for me even though he’s not here with me physically. Dia salah satu sahabat terpilih aku, Asep Syaeful Iman. Dia bukan type lelaki yang cuma sweet talker atau cuba menjaga hati ku kalau aku buat silap. He ever said this to me “you are the most idiotic person” when I keep making mistakes for sticking with a wrong man. Bukan sebab dia mahu aku tapi sebab dia mahu menyelamatkan aku. 

You know when you can never hide or lie to your own true friends. He is one of them. Even by afar (dia orang bandung), he can always know that I’m not alright. Even when I say “I’m ok”. He would say “you’re a bad liar”. I always ignored because I thought what can be done by being afar. But I was wrong, he always be there to tell me the words I need to listen, not the words I want to hear. 

Orang selalu fikir kalau seorang lelaki dan perempuan tidak akan dapat menjalinkan merely a friendship. But he proved me wrong. Well, some of my true friends proved me wrong. For example Kamarul Hafiz Tang too. 

So yea, thanks Apep for always be there for me. Stood by me during my ups and downs. Hope to see you soon.  

He said this.

Kita tidak kehilangan sahabat, kita hanya belajar mengenali mana sahabat yang sesungguhnya. Sebab sahabat adalah keluarga yang dipilih.

He is my keluarga yang dipilih. Signed off.


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