The Two Finally Meet

I knew him, Sazi through Friendster back on 2007. He posted a funny picture of him with his niece. I thought it was a cute gesture because everyone tried so hard to look good on their Friendster profile. But not him. From then on, we’ve been friends. From Friendster to MSN then to Facebook then Skype (because I deactivated all my social accounts). It was a long-distance friendship since 2007. We always wished to meet up when we finish our study. But life brought us to our own path. We couldn’t find the chance to meet up. So on February last year, I make a sudden trip to Brunei. Called him up.



We finally meet. After knowing each other for 9 years. Catching up updates about each other. I had to admit, we’ve grown up. Though I wished to meet him personally one day, but I never thought I’ll do it, without planning. The meeting was fun and beautiful. I remember he used to tell me this when I told him that everyone has their own dark past or even shits. He told me this.

“Those who matter, won’t care. And those who care, won’t matter.”

He farts in front of me. It doesn’t matter.


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