Into Deep

It’s been a long time since my last post. Tons of things happen in my life after the last trip. It’s massive and messy. Haha. Anyways, life is starting to get on track again after my recent trip. Actually, it’s not a trip. I took a diving lesson to get certified as an open water diver. Hasn’t pass the final part yet but hey.. That won’t be the ending. I had mixed of feelings before and during the trip. Because I don’t swim and I don’t know how to make myself float. And only God knows why I enrolled myself into this. Haha. So, I had to be a fast learner in 3 days. (that’s why I hasn’t passed the final part yet, open water dive. Because I was fully consumed with all the how-to-float-and-how-to-swim lesson first. Not to mention, the techniques I had to catch up during underwater). Okay, I am explaining myself for not being able to passed the final part yet. I repeat, yet. Anyways, here are few pics my buddy diver took during the trip.




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