Get Wasted

Note: ATM, family ku dah ada di umah (KL) and Om look so fine though he's getting skinny.~ wuwu~

As y’all know that I went to Penang last friday night, reached there around 3am and there goes my schedule:

3:30am to 6am –  Lepaking with my non-USM-mate.

6am to 8am        – Izza’s crib playing EPL game with the peeps.

8am to 1pm       – breakfast with Matt, took jubah etc.

1pm to 6pm      – Dean fetched me and out for lunch and went lepaking at  Izza’s   crib again.

6pm to 10pm   – Dinner with Matt and get ready for night out.

10pm to 4am   – Wild night out.

4am   to 6am  – Sending everyone home.

6am to 7am    – Get ready for my bus back to KL.

7:30am            – Lay my ass on the couch in the bus then flat straight away.

*for those I didn't got the time to spent with. I apologize. My
schedule always pack when I'm back to Penang. Some other time perhaps*

So, that’s my schedule from KL to Penang and back to KL. And until now, I only managed to sleep 4 hours (in the bus back to KL) plus 1 hour (just now) before up for work cause I have to do some study for my tomorrow’s interview. Lots more to be done. Interview, Convocation, and Work.  It’s gotta be another sleepless night week for me. Damn. Feel like back in campus. Anyways, I can’t wait for this week! ~woots woots~

Had dinner before get wasted

Matt The Great

Anne The PM

Jo The Waka

Matt The Great.Tina The Master


Get Wasted

Ouh, Jonathan The Sober
Ouh, Jonathan The Sober


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