Good Things Don’t Come Easy

Note: This entry is especially to all my students back in SMK Raja Tun Uda. *tak nak heboh di facebook, cukup di blog la.* and to all my other students too. Hope y’all use your right mind and think ’bout it.

Hello people of 4 Murni 2010, it’s been awhile since the last day i met y’all. When i turned into the page of 4 Murni 2010’s page , I saw the descriptions at the left hand side, I wonder who wrote that?? Cause it’s all true. But you guys  had forgotten one thing, the most important part – 4 murni’s students are all smart. Others may say different thing. But I know y’all, I used to be sitting right at the same place y’all are sitting now, being a student of the 1st class where everyone is expecting the best from us. They’re not expecting for something that is not real. They trust in y’all cause they can see what y’all might not see. That y’all can be much much more than that. I’ve heard all the complaints ’bout y’all’s result during the mid-term exam. Result for BM, Modern Math, Agama and even Moral. C’mon people of 4 Murni, you said that you are strong, then show me! You said you are not perfect, nobody is but we can be a better person. You created 4 Murni 2010 group in facebook and telling the world that you are 4 Murni students then show it to the world that you are the best too!! You might fail those subjects before, do not repeat it again cause you know you don’t wana screw it up. And no matter how many thousand times you told everyone that it is hard and you can’t do it, but I know, and i believe deep in your heart, you wana do it, and you wana pass. Then why wana give up??? Cause we all know GOOD THINGS DON’T COME EASY.

With regards.


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